Internet Banking

About the Service

Instant Registration is a registration process to use Online Banking. This process will allow you to register online banking system and to use your Account through online banking system.

An updated mobile number with the bank

A valid Debit Card number and PIN.

You can get access to Instant Registration by clicking the "Register Now" link on the Meghna Bank Ltd Online Banking login page at

If you want to register for Online Banking service, simply follow the steps mentioned below:- Go to Login Page of Meghna Bank Internet Banking at

  1. Click on 'Register Now'
  2. Enter your Username, Account Number, Name, mobile number
  3. Click Next to verify your account information and mobile number registered with bank and confirm
  4. Enter the one time password (OTP) which was sent to your mobile number
  5. If you have Debit Card with us, system will redirect to Card verification option
  6. Enter your Debit Card Information with PIN
    Click Next
    Create your Password
    Login by using your Username and Password
  7. Please fill up Internet Banking Manual Registration Form
    Submit to your nearest Meghna Bank's branch
    You will get SMS notification, when your internet banking user profile is created.
    Call to our call center at 16735 and verify yourself.
    You will get Internet banking user name from our call center agent.
    Go to here for completing your registration process.
  8. Login by using your Username and Password

If you do not have Debit Card, you still be able to register our online banking. But your account will not be activated instantly. After registration, you need to call to our call center for verification after that you will get user name, you have to set your password. Now your internet banking reaady for use

If the mobile number is not correct or not updated in the Bank's system, you will not be able to proceed for Registration. First, need to update the mobile number in Banking System. Please visit your nearest MGBL Branche to fill out the form.

You will be allowed maximum three times to validate your Debit Card number and your PIN number. If you use wrong credentials for more than three times, system will locked you automatically and you will not be able to register instantly by using your credentials.

You can call to our Contact Center at 16735 to unblock your internet banking credentials and try again for instant registration


This service is running through 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is one of the strongest encryption technology that most commonly used by large-scale online merchants, banks, and brokerages worldwide. All online sessions between you and the bank are protected by up to 256-bit encryption that, protects your information against any disclosure to third parties.

Encryption is a method of scrambling your information to protect its transmission across the Internet. Encryption transforms data into an unreadable form, and decryption reverses that process. Both encryption and decryption require the use of a special code, usually referred to as a unique key. The encryption of data provides a strong degree of protection against tampering while data is moving through the Internet.

  1. Click on [Tools]
  2. Select [Internet Options]
  3. Select [Advanced] Tab
  4. Scroll down to [Security]
  5. Check [Use SSL 3.0]
  6. Click on [OK]

A cookie is an information that a web site puts on your hard disk that it can remember something about you at a later time. This mechanism allows the server to store its own information about a user on the user's own computer. We do not use cookies for this service

  1. Besides maintaining the confidentiality of your internet banking ID and internet banking password, you should take the following precautions:
  2. DO NOT reveal your ID and password to anyone, write down or use it where someone else cannot see.
  3. Change your password IMMEDIATELY, using the 'Change of Password' service, if you suspect it has been revealed.
  4. DO NOT use easily recognized numbers such as your telephone number etc. as your password.
  5. REMEMBER TO LOG OUT of the system and close your browser whenever you leave your computer, even for a short while.
  6. Clear your browser's cache on a regular basis so that your account information is removed. This is particularly important if you are using a shared PC. You should clear it after each session.
  7. Always use the latest recommended internet browser so that you are using the most updated security features available.
  8. Call our call center immediately, if you notice any unusual transactions on your account.

If you suspect there are unauthorized transactions on your account, please report to our call center. Please provide details such as your name, account number, transaction type, date & time of transaction, description of error and amount involved.

If you suspect the transactions are due to lost/stolen password, please call our call center immediately to reset the password.

You may want to take note of your last log-in date and time, as indicated at the Personal Homepage, each time you log-in to the service.

  • We strongly recommend you not to use Internet banking on such PCs unless you are sure that it is safe to do so.
  • Please clear browser cache after each session so that your account information is removed from such PCs.
    1. Do not choose a password that is easily identifiable such as your personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information etc.
    2. Avoid using sequential numbers (such as 123456) or same number more than twice (such as 123226) for your password.
    3. Your password must be kept confidential at all times and not be divulged to anyone. Do not reveal your password to anyone.
    4. Your password must be memorized and not be recorded anywhere. Do not write down your password where someone can see your password easily.
    5. Change your password immediately if you suspect it has been revealed.
    6. Change your password regularly. You can change your password anytime under 'Settings - Change Password'.


    ID and Password is unique characteristics that need to be generated and to be used to login to i-banking system. ID and Password is unique words/characters for each user to ensure confidentiality. You need both of them to log-in.

    No, your internet banking ID and password are unique to this service.

    Please call to our call center number at 16735.

    Yes, you may change your password by using 'Change Password' service; anytime to ensure your security.

    No, you cannot change your Login ID

    If you suspect that your password has been stolen or exposed to others, please change your password immediately. Choose 'Settings->Change Password' and change your password.

    Account information

    Yes. You can see a summary of your account profile at the Dashboard once you have logged-in to Internet Banking.

    Yes, you can view the transactions belonging to all your accounts from dashboard. Click on your account number, System will show your account detail and account transactions detail.

    You can view your transactional history up to one year for your accounts. Your A/C statements are segmented as per the period selected.

    Yes. You can download account statement which will have your account detail and transaction latest transaction. You can download these information in pdf format.

    Yes. You can download account statement which will have your account detail and transaction latest transaction. You can download these information in pdf format.

    Yes, you can get transaction alerts by email and SMS.

    Fund Transfer

    Fund transfer can be done between your own Meghna Bank accounts, to other Meghna Bank accounts that are already added as a payee,Go to beneficiary management and add beneficiary.

    No, you don't need to add your own accounts as payee before fund transfer. But for transferring money to 3rd party Meghna Bank accounts or outside Meghna Bank accounts you have to add those accounts in the "Add Beneficiary" Module

    Go to "Beneficiary Management", Click "Meghna Bank Account", write a payee name, which is an alias or nick name for your recipient account, fill up the account number field, provide the mobile no. and email ID of the recipient, click on add and provide OTP. The account will be added as a payee in the system.

    Go to "Beneficiary Management", Click "Other Bank Account", write a payee name, which is an alias or nick name for your recipient account, fill up the account number field, account holder's name field, choose the district, bank name, branch name, provide the mobile no. and email ID of the recipient, click on add and provide OTP. The account will be added as a beneficiary in the system.

    Fund transfers to other City Bank accounts will take effect right after the transaction. Once the transaction is done, you will be shown a message confirming the fund transfer.

    Credit Card services

    1. Cards Balance enquiry
    2. Own Card Payment
    3. Other's Meghna bank Card payment
    4. Other Bank Card Payment

    You can view your current Meghna Bank Credit Card mini statement online.
    All you need to do is to click on My Card under Card Services, Click on your card and select the statement that you wish to see.

    You can make payment to your Meghna Bank Credit Card bills via internet banking.
    Simply click on MGBL Card Payment under Card Services and select the card you wish to pay, your account and payment amount.

    Your credit card account will be updated within one working days.

    One Time Password (OTP)

    A One-time Password is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital devices. OTP is automatically generated via email, SMS into your mobile for authentication.

    The password will expire in 10 minutes upon proceeding to the One Time Password page.

    Yes, If your mobile number is register with us you can get OTP to your mobile number and complete transactions.
    If there is a change in your email address, mobile number or you have not registered your email address, mobile phone with Meghna Bank, please update your contact details by calling our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 16735 (from mobile)or by visiting your nearest branch.

    Please call 24-hour Customer Care Center at 16735 (from mobile)or by visiting your nearest branch to request for a reset of the blocked status. Please note that any uplifting of blocked status is subject to the Bank’s verification of your identity.

    Yes, you have to put OTP for all kinds of transactions.

    No. Every 6 digit OTP is valid only for that particular transaction and cannot be used for any other transaction.

    One time password (OTP) will be instantly sent to the email address, mobile phone number in our records, after you have started the transaction and entered your transaction details.
    If you do not receive the OTP, please check if your email address, mobile number registered with Meghna Bank is correct or not.
    If the registered details are correct, you can request for the OTP to be re-sent to you by clicking on the resend link appearing in the below message displayed on the screen.
    – "you have not received the OTP yet, please click here to request again for your one time password" The resent OTP link will be activated 30 seconds after the first OTP is sent.

    You can request for an OTP to be re-sent to you three times only per transaction.
    You may need to reinitiate the transaction should you not receive your password after resending for three times.

    We will send the OTP according to your email address and your mobile phone number in our record.
    If you are overseas or using overseas mobile service providers, you may receive the OTP via your email.

    Security Questions

    When users set up an Internet Banking account, Bank ask to choose secret questions for identification of legitimate user.

    A security question is a question/answer combination that only the person who creates it should know. This is an added layer of security to identify authentic user and transaction.

    - When you will forget your User ID and Password
    - When you will ask service over call center
    - When your transaction behavior will be suspicious

    In case of forgot your security questions and answer please contact with your nearest Meghna Bank Branch or call Meghna Bank Support Center.

    - Check your Windows patch are updated
    - Check licensed Anti-Malware software installed and updated
    - Check Browser security configuration are properly configured or not

    - Password should contain at least 8 character (More would be better)
    - At least one capital word, one numeric and one special character need to be included (Example: iNternetB@123)
    - Name, Family Name, Date of Birth, Company Name should be avoided
    - Make a habit of change password every month

    In case of not receiving your OTP on your mobile you can choose your mail id to send OTP. If not working please contact with Bank Support Center.

    Please call Meghna Bank Call Center (number) or contact with any nearest branch of Meghna Bank.

    For enquiries, connect with us online or drop by your nearest Meghna Bank Branch.