Transaction Types Transaction Limits
  Trx. Count  Amount Per Transaction Maximum Amount
  Per Day Maximum Per Month Maximum Minimum (Tk) Maximum (Tk) Per Day (Tk) Per Month (Tk)
  Cash In From Agent N/A N/A 20 30,000 30,000 200,000
  Meghna Bank Branch 50
  Add Money Debit/Credit Cards N/A N/A 500 50,000 50,000 300,000
  Bank Account (Linked/Other Bank) 100
  Cash Out From Agent/Meghna Bank Branch N/A N/A 50 25,000 25,000 150,000
  Meghna Bank Bank ATM 500
  Send money P2P/ Wallet to Wallet N/A N/A 10 25000 25000 200,000
  Money Transfer To Bank Account (Linked/Others) N/A N/A 100 50,000 50,000 300,000
  Payment Merchant N/A N/A No Limit
  Utility Bill N/A N/A
  Credit Card & DPS N/A N/A
  Fees Payment N/A N/A
  NID Fee N/A N/A
  Recharge All Operator 50 1,500 20 1000* 10,000 100,000
Note: A maximum of *Tk. 1,000 airtime balance can be recharged to a prepaid number and a maximum of *Tk. 5,000 to a postpaid number from a MeghnaPay account in a single transaction
Customer can keep a maximum amount of TK 300,000 in his/her MeghnaPay Account at any moment
Customer have to show his NID copy during Cash-in/Cash-out BDT 5,000 or above at MeghnaPay  agent point and that agent will write down the customer NID number into the registrar accordingly
Cash In from Agent & Branch will share the same limit.
Add Money from Cards & Bank account will share the same limit.
Cash Out from Agent, Branch & ATM will share the same limit
Money Transfer to Bank account will the have separate limit.


MeghnaPay Schedule of Charges for Customer

Transaction Type Customers' Fee & Charges
USSD Mobile App
Customer A/C Registration Free
Cash In MeghnaPay Agent Free
MGBL Branch Free
Add Money MGBL A/C (Linked/through IB) Free
Other Bank A/C Not Applicable Free
VISA/Master Card Not Applicable Free
Cash Out MeghnaPay Agent 1.60% or Tk 5 1.40%
(Whichever is higher)
Branch (Own/Other Bank) 1% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
ATM (Own/Other Bank) 1% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
Money Transfer P2P Tk 5 Free
To MGBL A/C (Linked/Other MGBL A/C) 0.8% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
To Other Bank A/C Not Applicable 1% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
Bank Payment Bank Credit Card Not Applicable 0.8% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
Loan EMI and DPS Not Applicable 0.8% or Tk 5
(Whichever is higher)
Tuition Fee Payment 1%
(Minimum Tk 5 and maximum Tk 25)
Mobile Recharge Free
Statement/Mini-Statement Inquiry Free
Balance Inquiry Free
Bill & Fees Payment 1% on the transaction amount*
(minimum TK 5 or maximum TK 25 whichever is higher)
* No charge is applicable for Add money from cards and card issuing bank may impose charge separately on card for MFS add money transaction.
* This Schedule of Charges is applicable for MeghnaPay General Customers and Corporate Customers Charges may vary according to Corporate Agreement.
* For Bills and Fees payment Charges may vary as per agreement with service provider.
* For Interoperable Fund Transfer through (IDTP), approved charges by regulatory authority will be followed
* For bill and fees payment through online platform, standard charges will be followed as per agreement with aggregator like Ekpay, Sonali Bank, SSL or others 

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