Ms. Taslima Islam


Ms. Taslima Islam is a Sponsor Director of Meghna Bank Limited. She had her graduation from a public university. She is associated with the development of country’s economic growth and development of socio-cultural activities. She is a renowned business person and industrialist. Her business affiliation is versatile and diversified. Her right decisions with proper indications create a pathway to achieve the business goal. She has earned notable fame in the business community for her business integrity with setting the strategic objective. She is the highest Income Tax payer for a long time in woman category from Munshigonj district and also 2nd highest Income Tax payer in the same district.

Presently, she is the Chairperson of Prime Islami Securities Limited, Ramisha Cold Storage Limited, Punot Cold Storage Limited, Fareast Cold Storage Limited, Fareast Securities Limited, Ramisha BD Limited, Rimsha BD Limited, Apsara Holdings Limited, Ramisha Composite Textiles Mills Limited (proposed).

She is also Proprietor of M/s. Momo Enterprise and Member of Trustees Board of Primeasia University.

She has the attachment with various educational and socio-cultural activities. Under her leadership, women inspired in socially strategic ways to advance individual or group objectives. She is becoming the role of women with decision-making power and influence, over more aspects of social, political and economic life.