Mr. Md. Ali Azim Khan


Md. Ali Azim Khan has an excellent business background and he is a renowned entrepreneur in RMG sector. He is the Managing Director of Shinest Group of Companies Ltd, Shinest Apparels Ltd., IL Kwang Textiles Co. Ltd., Young-A Textiles Co. Ltd., Tamim International Traders Ltd., Silver Packaging Ltd., Trust Trouser Ltd., Shinest Cargo Services and Nasrin Garments etc. Mr. Azim is also a Director of Zenith Islami Life Insurance Company Ltd. He has been contributing to the national economy and created job opportunities for about 20,000 people. For his contribution he was awarded CIP for consecutive 3 years by the Government of Bangladesh and received ‘Sawdhinata Sangshad Business Award’ from Sawdhinata Sangshad for his special contribution in business. Mr. Azim is also President of Button Manufactures & Exports Association.

He is one of the Sponsor Directors of Meghna Bank Limited, currently served as Chairman of Executive Committee and a member of Risk Management Committee of the Board of the Bank. Mr. Azim is actively engaged with various social works, he provides financial support to underprivileged and disaster affected people and donates a number of hospital, educational institutions, religious & social institutions and orphanages.