Cash Management

Whatever business challenges come your way, your need for smooth, successful transactions will be constant. Alongside continuing operational requirements, you’ll need to balance enduring targets with emerging ones-including sustainability and digitalization aspirations. By combining with all the local market knowledge, we can support your transaction banking needs across the world. From Cash Management Solutions to bolster your treasury to financing solutions to sustainably fund your supply chain, we have the solutions to help you prepare for future opportunities. We care about your money. We understand the importance of prompt capturing of your cash flow so that you get the maximum benefit. We provide you with a choice of ways to deposit your cash and cheques and provide a range of electronic payment mechanisms to meet your unique needs.

Our Cash Management Solutions:

• Automated Payment & Collection Solutions
• Bulk Cheque Processing • Effective Account Structure for fund management.
• Utility Bill Collection
• Vendor/Salary payment
• Cash Pick Up & Delivery
• IPO Processing as Banker of Issue and/or Lead Bank
• Internet Banking
• Automated Cheque Writing Software
• Host-to-Host Connectivity
• Real time email notification and customized collection report (MIS)

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